Monday, 7 May 2012

Been too long

I'm back!

I have been away for a long time! I didn't really think it was a good time to be blogging as I had a lot going on. It has all settled down now, so I am going to get back onto it!

I will write a few posts before I publish this blog anywhere just to get the hang of it again.

My aims from this blog are to show off what work I have been doing lately, what books I have been reading, what exhibitions I have been going to, and generally vent my creative side.

In case anyone doesn't know, I work as a Manager of a jewellery store in Exeter and I love my job, as I work with and meet amazing people every day. However, I have been settling into my new house with my partner and saving the pennies a bit which has meant that I haven't given much attention to my Art. This is all changing, and I will document my revival as I go, on here.

I recently went on a little trip to st Ives, and here is a lino cut I produced when I got back. Let me know what you think.

Porthleven is a wonderfully dynamic place. I practically grew up there, and I only have fond memories. It is an acive fishing port, with a healthy respect for the sea. I always wondered how that church is still standing....

My Dad used to take us right up to the wall even if there was a hurricane going on, and I wanted to recreate that tumultuous weather with this print. It is simple, but I did it at home and mainly from memory.

To sign off, here is a picture of Darryl and I doing exactly what I was doing 20 years ago, exploring!

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